Town & Country

Gluten Free Menu

When You Order From This Menu Make Sure Your Server is Aware of it.


(House-Italian Ranch, VO, Caesar, Poppy Seed, 1000 Island, and Blue Cheese are Gluten Free)

Dinner Salad


Caesar (no crutons)



$6.99 ($12.99 Large)


$6.99 ($12.99 Large)

Chicken Caesar (no crutons)

$6.99 ($12.99 Large)

Chicken Bacon

$6.99 ($12.99 Large)


(Include a Side Dish)

Beef Tenderloin Medallions

Small $16.99, Large $20.99

Bleu Cheese Medallions

Small $17.99, Large $21.99

Mushroom Medallions

Small $17.99, Large $21.99

Blackened White Fish


Blackened Chicken Entree


GF Grilled Chicken Parmesan


Salmon with Dill Butter

(available at St Charles, and Town & Country)


10" Gluten Free Pizza

Cheese $11.99, Each Additional Topping $1.50, All Specials $16.99 (The BBQ and Kims Special Pizzas cannot be made gluten free)


Italian Potatoes, Broccoli, Cole Slaw

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